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Office Hours Love Connection? NBC’s Hoda Kotb Agrees To “Consider” Date With FNC’s Bill Schulz

We got all Chuck Woolery today on Office Hours, with NBC’s Today show host Hoda Kotb and Bill Schulz of FNC’s Red Eye.

Schulz has started a campaign to date Kotb – and we asked the Today host what she thinks. Then Bill called in to respond.

“Well I might have to consider it,” said Kotb. “I’ll have to see. I’ve never seen him. I saw the cartoon face he has on his Twitter page, does he look like that?”

With the seed planted, Schulz called in next. “You guys are the best wingmen in the history of wingmen,” he told Mediaite. “My crush on her, which I didn’t think was possible, has grown exponentially, as have other things, because she’s really cute.”

Schulz also explained the backstory:

This whole thing just started because I have way too much time on my hands and I was watching the show and I realized that Kathie Lee was always harping on Hoda’s singlehood. And she’s sort of relentless about it. It wasn’t necessarily mean-spirited but it was bothering me. And I thought she needed a partner in this crazy game we call life. And I would like to be that.

Schulz identified height difference as a potential barrier, although drinking ability (as displayed on the fourth hour of Today) is a plus.

What happens next? We’ll keep you updated – but a date filmed by Today show and Red Eye crews sounds like it should really happen. Meanwhile, it continues playing out on Twitter.

Our full interview with Kotb will be posted tomorrow, but for now, here’s Hoda’s answer, followed by our interview with Bill:

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