One Week Before the Inauguration, Trump Still Attacking ‘Guilty As Hell’ Hillary Clinton


trump-9-1Stop me if you’ve heard this one before:

Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to criticize Hillary Clinton.

Sound familiar? President-elect Trump, who in only one week’s time will be sworn in as our nation’s next Commander in Chief, defended himself from the onslaught of Russian headlines this week via his favorite social media platform — and managed to rope in his old Democratic rival too, just for fun.

It began innocently enough Friday morning with an update about his Cabinet appointments:

Easy enough. But that wouldn’t be the end of the early AM Tweeting; not by a mile. He continued, addressing the “phony allegations” contained in the 35-page dossier leaked by Buzzfeed earlier this week. The President-elect further alleged that the information contained in the document was put together by “sleazebag political operatives.”

You catch that delicious phrase dripping with presidential poetry? “Sleazebag political operatives”? It’s right out of a West Wing episode.

But then Trump, who — just to remind you, will become President of the United States one week from today — invoked Clinton personally for seemingly no good reason.

Well, then again, his Tweets did come shortly after a Fox & Friends segment on the Clinton camp and the Department of Justice’s investigation into the FBI, so I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised.

The Presidential Inauguration of Donald Trump will take place one week from today, January 20th.

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