Only Mort Zuckerman Seems To Recall Writing A Speech For Obama

Real estate and media mogul, and one-time potential politician Mort Zuckerman‘s claim on Fox News yesterday that he helped write one of President Barack Obama‘s speeches appears to be falling apart at a rather quick pace.

Apropos of very little, Zuckerman told Fox’s Neil Cavuto that “I voted for Obama, I in fact helped write one of his speeches, we endorsed Obama” but declined to say which speech. Turns out what sounded like misplaced overzealous cocktail chatter might have been just that. Politico’s Ben Smith says no one in the Obama camp can recall even meeting Zuckerman let alone getting speech assistance from him.

Among those with reason to be puzzled, a White House source tells me, were Obama’s speechwriters, Jon Favreau and Ben Rhodes. Neither “has ever met or spoken to Mort Zuckerman” and the two have “been closely involved in every speech the President has given since 2005,” said the official.

Zuckerman has met President Obama a few times and no doubt encountered other Administration officials, and he could well have suggested a theme to the president or another aide. But the question of what he “helped write” remains a bit of a mystery.

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