Oregon ‘Militia’ Will Announce Their Exit Strategy Friday

imageedit_82_233008868612 days after taking over a federal wildlife reserve, the Oregonian ‘militia’ has realized no one is talking about them anymore is ready to start “a dialogue.” They plan to travel from their refuge into the nearby town of Burns on Friday at 7 in the evening to announce their plans to vacate the property.

This announcement comes eight days after Harney County Sheriff David Ward told the occupants to “go home.”

Oregon Live, which has done an admirable job covering a story that has had some weird twists and turns, reported today that the location of the meeting is unknown. Militiaman Robert “LaVoy” Finicum told the paper, “I think there should be a dialogue.” (Perhaps the dialogue should have come before the unexpected armed takeover? Who knows!)

Ammon Bundy is expected to make an appearance at the meeting on Friday.

[image via screengrab]

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