Orrin Hatch Jokes About Accidentally Removing Pair of Nonexistent Glasses: They’re ‘Invisible’


After a video went viral on Twitter of Senator Orrin Hatch attempting to remove glasses — even though he was not wearing any at the time — the Republican lawmaker responded via a spokesperson on Twitter who suggested his “invisible” specs were just too hipster for anyone to have “heard of them.”

The glasses gaffe shows the senator lifting his hands to his head, bringing his fingers to his temples — where the frame of glasses would rest, if he was wearing them — and going through the motions of removing spectacles.

This incident was cleared up with some self-deprecating humor and a reference to a popular, hip glasses brand, as Hatch’s communication team responded by saying, “Oh you mean his invisible glasses from Warby Parker? They’re new, you’ve probably never heard of them.”

The removal of these “invisible glasses” occurred as Hatch prepared to hear questions at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing for Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

According to The Hill, Hatch’s communications director Matt Whitlock said, “The Senator wears reading glasses and normally reads over his notes one last time before questioning witnesses in a hearing… [He] forgot them at home, so it was simply muscle memory to reach to take them off before his questioning began.”

Watch above, via CNN. (h/t Jon Levine)

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