Outnumbered Debate on Travel Ban Gets Heated: ‘Make Your Country Better’ Before You Come Here


Things got hot on Outnumbered when the panel held a debate on the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold President Donald Trump‘s travel ban for a number of Muslim-majority nations, as well as Venezuela and North Korea.

Marie Harf was the token Democrat of the day, and she was interrupted multiple times when she tried to argue that tougher vetting would be more effective solution than blanket bans in terms of protecting America. Lisa Boothe interjected to dispute Harf on the “blanket ban” characterization, and she noted that countries can be taken off the ban list if they improve their security practices to meet U.S. standards.

Kennedy got in on the discussion by saying that Harf’s proposal for an enlarged vetting bureaucracy could lead to various problems that could allow “bad actors” to slip through the net. Harf countered that America doesn’t depend on international intel for its current vetting processes, and there are many countries who haven’t been blocked by Trump’s ban despite the instability of their governments.

“I don’t think that is how to protect our borders. Picking out countries and saying ‘you give us information or we don’t.’ That is arbitrary. Every visitor coming to the United States has to apply from a Visa from these countries, they go through vetting. Multiple layers in-country before they come here, by the United States, not by another country.”

Lawrence Jones, today’s #OneLuckyGuy, jumped in by saying “we can’t trust our own vetting systems,” let alone an expanded version.

“Do you trust other countries more than us?” Harf asked him.

“We had so many terrorists in this country that were on watch lists,” Jones answered. “How many attacks have we had on the U.S. soil, where they said ‘we were watching them?'”

The rest of the conversation continued with Harf debating the panel about whether the travel ban is “good policy,” and whether it will actually help when Islamic terrorists who have recently attacked America haven’t originated from any of the banned nations. Boothe concluded that Harf is only criticizing the ban because she “hate[s] the president,” and is “using this as an opportunity to hit him over the head.”

Kennedy topped it off by saying the ban gives countries an “incentive” to “make your country better.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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