Palin Defends Curt Schilling’s Nazi-Muslim Analogy from ‘Liberal’ ESPN


Earlier this week, former Red Sox star pitcher-turned-ESPN analyst — and noted conservative — Curt Schilling, posted this meme to Twitter before quickly deleting it:


As a result, ESPN put out a statement calling the analogy between Nazis and Muslims “completely unacceptable” and suspended him from covering this week’s Little League championship tournament.

But do not fear, Schilling still has Sarah Palin on his side. Last night, the newly-crowned cable news host used her Facebook page to defend Schilling and label ESPN a “JOURNALISTIC EMBARRASSMENT” (the all-caps are all hers).

“ESPN – what happened to you? Your intolerant PC police are running amok and making a joke out of you!” Palin wrote. “By picking and choosing who they’ll tolerate and who they’ll try to destroy, ESPN has zero credibility as a sound and reasonable media outlet.”

Palin seems to have a personal grudge against ESPN, noting in her post that the network has sullied her “name and reputation” over the years, including one instance in which Mike Tyson said some nasty things about her on ESPN Radio back in 2011.

As for the substance of Schilling’s tweet, Palin agrees with it wholeheartedly. “Was he wrong? No!” she added. “In fact his stats were too generous in estimating Muslims’ attitudes… The difference between Hitler’s army and the genocidal maniacs of ISIS is that the jihadists don’t have as much power… yet.”

“By denying the accuracy of Schilling’s tweet, ESPN shows its weakness as it buys into the propaganda of ISIS and other terror organizations, helping mislead the public about the very real threat of terrorism,” Palin concluded. “It shows once again that ESPN would rather concentrate on liberal global politics instead of report well on our beloved sports.”

She then implores ESPN to “stick to sports.” But in this case, wasn’t it Schilling who strayed away from sports commentary in the first place?

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