Photog Says She Purposely Made Glenn Beck Look Bad On Time Cover

beckcover_9-18bAs we noted yesterday when news broke about Time Magazine’s cover story on Glenn Beck, the image used is from a photo shoot last year by Jill Greenberg.

It’s an interesting choice. Greenberg is known for her liberal views – and she’s being very upfront about her use of this opportunity to take revenge on those who attacked her.

Greenberg brought up the cover on Twitter (she goes by the ironic handle @JillManipulator). Here’s her comment:

exactly a year after my right wing attack, i am retouching one of my attackers for a magazine cover. leaving blemishes of course.

Time may not have known Greenberg’s intent here, but this is a very blatant admittance on her part that she’s purposely making Beck look bad. And although Time may not have known that, they had to have known her background.

She’s the same photographer who took purposely awful pictures of Sen. John McCain during the campaign, and then photoshopped them on her own site to make him look even worse. The Atlantic said they wouldn’t pay her for her work because she “went beyond the parameters of her contract.”

Now she’s got her photos on a major outlet again. Sweet revenge for the “manipulator.”

In their report about the Time cover yesterday, Gawker linked back to this video they originally posted showing behind-the-scenes footage of that photo shoot:

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