Piers Morgan’s Hot Take: Obama Maybe Does Less for Blacks than White POTUS Did


The tensions in Baltimore (which hit a fever pitch last night) once again triggered lots of discussion about race, policing, what led some angry protesters to riot last night, and whether calls for non-violence are coming from a helpful place or not.

Piers Morgan waded into these racially-charged waters today with this steaming hot take: President Obama might end up not doing as much for black people as at least one white former president did.

Writing for The Daily Mail, the ex-CNN host condemns the “seemingly endless recent wave of young black men being killed” and also “the violent black looters” causing mayhem, before getting to his issues with the president.

“Where is the MLK figure today?” Morgan asks. “And where is the [Lyndon] Johnson figure?”

He rips into Obama and asks what the point is of being the first black president if you can’t get “true justice and equality” for suffering African-Americans. “I’m incensed by it,” Morgan says, “and I’m white.”

He ends by, again, invoking LBJ and slamming Obama for offering “platitudes”:

He should be down in Baltimore today, talking directly to the people who feel he has betrayed them.

HIS people, with HIS skin colour, who voted for HIM because they thought HE would change the system.

Less talk, more action, Mr President.

Or you will go down in history as the guy who did less for blacks in America than Lyndon Johnson – a white man.

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