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Planned Parenthood Swing State Ads Don’t Bode Well For Romney, Study Says

Looks like the Planned Parenthood Action Fund is getting some return on their advertising investment. According to a recent study, women who recall the organization’s ads — which are running in swing states — said they are less likely to vote for Mitt Romney come November.

Hart Research Associates surveyed 18- to 64-year-old women in West Palm Beach, Fla. and Des Moines, Iowa before and after the ads ran. In West Palm Beach, there was a 28-point net advantage for President Obama among those women voters who recalled the ads and an 11-point net advantage for those who did not recall them. In Des Moines, there was equal support for both candidates among those who didn’t recall the ads, versus a 28-point net advantage for Obama among those who did recall them.

Specifically, the study notes, “the ads are extremely successful in shaping women voters’ perceptions of Mitt Romney on key measures that are relevant and meaningful to them.” Majority of women surveyed found Romney “out of step” on issues affecting women — a percentage that only rose among those who recalled the Planned Parenthood ads.

But how many of those women actually did remember seeing the ads? Quite a few. Via the study:

—61% of women voters in West Palm Beach and 70% of women voters in Des Moines say they definitely or may have seen the ads, including fully 50% of women in West Palm Beach and 55% of women in Des Moines who definitely recall seeing the ads. This level of recall is considered excellent by any standard.

—More than three-quarters of women in both markets who recall seeing the ads say it gave them major or some concerns about Mitt Romney (76% major/some concerns in West Palm Beach, 77% major/some concerns in Des Moines).

(H/T HuffPo)

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