Police Officers Across Connecticut Volunteer To Give Newtown Precinct Christmas Off

In a generous act of goodwill, police officers across the state of Connecticut have volunteered their time today to give law enforcement in Newtown a Christmas holiday. It’s rare for officers to get holidays off, but Sgt. Steve Santucci of Newtown told CNN, “Patrol officers and sworn personnel will be given the day off to be home on Christmas. Officers from surrounding towns will be patrolling Newtown.”

Since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown police officers have been working nonstop.

Lt. Bob Kozlowsky of the Shelton, Connecticut police department, described it as simply “a police thing” to help out law enforcement brethren. “We’ll always try to help out neighboring towns,” he said. “Any time there’s a tragedy, we’ll try our best to lend a helping hand.”

The Shelton P.D. has been involved in helping the Newtown force since the shooting:

“We’ve sent officers, dispatchers, and even our chief of police has gone to Newtown to help out. We’ve helped with dispatching, traffic, miscellaneous calls. Our chief of police has gone to assist their chief of police with administrative duties.”

Officer Jeffrey Nielsen of the Milford police department adeed, “It’s important to help out. We’ll continue to provide help as long as they need it.”

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