comScore Politico Calls Out Trump for ‘False’ Account of Their Call

Politico Calls Out Trump for ‘False’ Account of Their Call

Donald Trump has kind of an obsession with the size of his crowds and his poll numbers, which led to Politico calling him out for a “false accounting” of a phone call today.

Trump tweeted this earlier today, claiming Politico called him to tell him that a bunch of polls supposedly showed him leading don’t matter:

Well — this might shock you — Trump may not have provided the most honest accounting of what happened:

The Politico report explains that on a conference call Monday, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski touted a number of polls he was doing well on, including Zogby and Morning Consult. Politico followed up to confirm that he had cited those two specific polls. Lewandowski called Politico and said he did, at which point he was “informed that the Zogby poll is not considered highly reliable by many experts.”

The report notes that Politico didn’t question other polls, as Trump claims. And there’s a paragraph in the report now calling out Trump for making up what happened:

After that call with Lewandowski, Trump tweeted an inaccurate accounting of the conversation, falsely stating first that POLITICO called the campaign and second that POLITICO commented on the reliability of polls other than Zogby and Morning Consult.

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