comScore Politico Staff Looks to Unionize

Politico Staff Looks to Unionize


Staffers at the DC news outlet/information fire hose Politico are seeking to unionize, and the effort is being organized by a notoriously outspoken labor reporter.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the charge to unionize is being led by Mike Elk, the paper’s new labor reporter hired back in September. (Prior to his hiring, he wasn’t such a big fan of the place.)

Driving the push to unionize are Politico‘s legendary long hours — allegedly the cause of the outlet’s equally-legendary burnout rate — and PoliticoPro, a section of the site that paywalls articles and prevents journalists from getting their byline into the general public.

On Twitter, Elk said that the effort had encountered “almost no opposition” to his plan, which a source told the Free Beacon may take up to a year to implement:

Beltway insiders are reacting with complete “of course”-ing:

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