Popular Mapping Service Vandalized to Rename New York City ‘Jewtropolis’


The popular mapping service Mapbox, which is used by Snapchat, StreetEasy, Citi Bike, and the New York Times, was hacked today to rename New York City “Jewtropolis” — an obvious antisemitic slur.

Screenshots of the slur quickly spread across social media and ultimately resulted in at least one company who uses the app admitting to “vandalism.”

When the social media app Snapchat was asked by one Twitter user about the disturbing hack, they responding by saying, “Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Snap Map relies on third party mapping data which has unfortunately been subject to vandalism. We are working with our partner Mapbox to get this fixed immediately.”

Many Twitter users responded with outrage and disgust toward the act of antisemitic vandalism:

[image via screengrab]

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