Ex-Bernie Surrogate Killer Mike Defends Pro-Gun NRATV Interview: Blacks Live ‘Under Domestic Terror’


Rapper and leftist activist Michael Render, aka Killer Mike of the hip-hop group Run The Jewels, justified his NRATV interview after receiving harsh criticism from liberals by saying gun ownership is necessary for “blacks in America living under domestic terror.”

“I think CNN & Fox are view point propaganda machines,” tweeted the former Bernie Sanders surrogate after a Twitter user asked why he would appear on the National Rifle Association’s media outlet. “I have appeared on both. My concerns are with the Blacks in America living under domestic terror that no one seems to wanna address.”

He continued after another critic suggested Killer Mike is “fronting” for the NRA: “I did an interview. Fronting now equals an interview.”

While many on the left push for stricter firearm laws and gun bans, Killer Mike has long advocated for gun ownership. In the wake of the Charleston, South Carolina black church shooting, the rapper suggested the outcome of the incident may have been different if some in the congregation owned firearms.

As for his interview with the NRA, Killer Mike knocked those advocating for gun control as he believes owning weapons are necessary — especially for the African-American community — with so many police shootings and racially charged crimes.

“I told my kids on the school walkout: I love you; if you walk out of that school, walk out my house,” said the rapper regarding the March For Our Lives protest this weekend.

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