Professor Mistaken For Secret Service Agent Who Said She’d Rather Go to Jail Than Die For Trump



A 23-year veteran of the Secret Service named Kerry O’Grady is in hot water over a Facebook post that indicated she’d rather to go jail than take a bullet for Donald Trump.

NYU communications professor Kerry O’Grady is paying the price.

They have the same name but as you can see, are two different people. Unfortunately, some people can’t see that, which is why Professor O’Grady — who feels “defeated and dejected” by the deluge of nasty messages directed at her online — was profiled in the Washington Post today.

O’Grady said this:

I consider myself a pretty strong person, but this has been a rough 24 hours. People don’t even care to take two seconds and look at my profile to make sure that I’m the right person. They attack the first person they see.

The influx of messages began on the same day that classes started for the semester. She was concerned that her students may have Googled her for the first time that day and seen not only the news about Agent O’Grady, but the comments overrunning her social media pages. Among them were tweets calling her a “satanic whore” and Facebook messages indicating that “women like [her] do not deserve children!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!”

Luckily, Professor O’Grady teaches public relations and acted immediately to counteract the influx of messages by blocking some trolls and responding factually to others.

Currently pinned to the top of her Twitter is this:

Read all of WaPo‘s talk with her here.

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