Rachel Maddow Calmly Rips Stupak To Shreds (With Some Help From Michael Moore)

When Rachel Maddow is done with him Bart Stupak may not have either leg to stand on. Last night Maddow calmly continued her fisking of (crusade against?) the Michigan congressman who is trying to hijack the health care bill with his calls for stronger language on abortion funding, and his threats that he and his “group of twelve” will not vote for a bill that doesn’t comply. Except, notes Maddow, who are these twelve congressmen? Do they even exist? According to Maddow they don’t. That’s not all.

Apparently, what Stupak is trying to do is against Reconciliation rules. Also, the law already forbids government funding for abortion. And it goes on from there. Basically, Maddow concludes, Stupak is a bit of a media joke with no power and/or influence. The segment is below; it’s long but it’s worth your time (someone on Twitter defined the term ‘Maddowed’ as “to fairly, systematically completely dismantle a person’s argument with nothing but fact, reason, intelligence and guts” and I think it’s fair to say that’s what just got done to Stupak).

Interestingly, Stupak is apparently Micheal Moore‘s Rep. in Congress, and later in the show Moore came mildly to Stupak’s defense saying that he’d done many good things in his time in Congress. But that was before Moore discovered Stupak “lived in a brothel.” Video of Moore below below.

Maddow on Stupak

Michael Moore on Maddow

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