Rachel Maddow On Birther’s ‘Wingnut Fury’ Over Glenn Beck

It’s official, the world has gone completely bizarro. Last night on her show, Rachel Maddow picked up yesterday’s revelation that Glenn Beck thinks Birthers are “dumb.” She too expressed wonder over the disclosure:

Who could be the target of such wingnut fury from the right? Is it Jon Stewart? My friend Keith Olbermann? An even more mannish version of me?! [HA] No! How about Glenn Beck…Have I just read a mistake in the teleprompter machine?

This was followed by the requisite montage of some of Beck’s crazier moments to prove, I assume, that the Birthers are so crazy not even Glenn Beck will “take the Birther off-ramp into crazytown.” Maddow referred to the rift in relations as “poetry.” Of course, all this clip really left me wanting was a joint appearance somewhere between Glenn Beck and Rachel Maddow, which would certainly make for it’s own cable poetry. In the meantime, the clip from last night is below.

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