Radio Host on Handwritten Note From Trump: ‘I Appreciate the Outreach. But Still #NeverTrump’


If you’re familiar with radio host Charlie Sykes, you’ve seen him tweeting about the handwritten note that he recently received from presumed GOP nominee Donald Trump. Written in “magic marker,” the note sprawls across the front page of the New York Times and is reminiscent of the rumors that he would send Megyn Kelly press clippings about herself with his signature on them or send the editors of Spy Magazine photos of himself with his fingers circled to prove his hands weren’t small.

First, here is what the note appears to say:

Charlie — I hope you can change your mind. Look forward to doing your show. I WILL WIN.

Trump drew an arrow to this article, which was titled in the paper as, “Once Again, Another Flank of G.O.P. Warms Up to Trump.”

For as #NeverTrump as Sykes purports to be, here he is grinning with his note:

Still, he’s not in:

Some, like Marc Andreessen, were a little worried it was all a trick:

In the end, Sykes appears to have lived to see another day. It happens to be a day during which he is appearing on CNN to talk about his hand-written letter, and more power to him for making the most out of an unusual situation.

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