comScore Rahm Emanuel: Beck And Limbaugh Helping Exacerbate Tensions

Rahm Emanuel: Beck And Limbaugh Helping Exacerbate Tensions

Perhaps you’ve heard that Rahm Emanuel is interested in being the mayor of Chicago (a disclosure which, Ben Smith points out, kills all that Secretary of State buzz) . This was one of a number of things discussed during the chief of staff’s hour-long appearance on Charlie Rose last. Another one is that despite what people who spend a lot of time on the blogosphere and/or cable television may have led you to believe — or for that matter, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, whom Rahm notes by name — the country is not actually as crazy as is being reported.

Near the tail end of the interview, which mostly focused on financial reform with some auto industry and health care thrown in (and provided a bit of a preview of the platform Obama is likely going to campaign on in 2012) Charlie asks “how deep do you think the anger is in the country?” Says Rahm:

I think it’s deep, because there’s a lot of factors that go into it. Principally in the area of the economic anxiety that’s out there. We’re in the middle of a severe economic transition…there’s legitimate reasons for the anger out there…[however!] That doesn’t take elected leaders off the hook. When you have that role of leadership you have the responsibility to make sure we have a proper debate and don’t encourage that anger to drift off into something that’s ugly as we saw on this the 15th anniversary of Oklahoma. Everybody, in elected position, regardless of party, has a responsibility…Everybody’s accountable…including the media… I think sometimes the media doesn’t act with the full responsibility that comes with their position. They play a role in exacerbating the sense that America’s pulled apart, and it’s not as pulled apart as being reported.

Emanuel went on to say he “wouldn’t limit” those contributing to this sense of anger to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck: “they have their differences and that’s okay, but they do play a role in exacerbating tensions. It could also be said about some on the left, but there’s not question they do.” Video below.

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