Rare in Trump Age: Left and Right Unite Against Transgender Activism


On Tuesday, Kelsey Harkness of the conservative Daily Signal website spotlighted a rare convergence in politics — activists from the left and right that have united to speak out against the promotion of transgenderism, especially among children.

Harkness interviewed four women from the Hands Across The Aisle coalition — lesbian activist Miriam Ben-Shalom; radical feminist midwife Mary Lou Singleton; rape survivor Kaeley Triller Haver, who works as the communications director of the Just Want Privacy campaign in Washington State; and Christian conservative Kami Mueller, who is the communication director for the Republican Party in North Carolina.

Mueller underlined that “it’s not a partisan issue. It’s not a liberal or progressive issue. It’s an issue about the rights of women and children.” Triller Haver touted the common ground that she found with women on the opposite side of the political spectrum: “It’s been so good. I think it’s so healthy; there’s something so human about working that hard to understand others.”

Singleton decried the media’s promotion of transgenderism: “It’s being so heavily, relentlessly promoted by the mainstream media and the liberal press; and children and their parents are buying it. And now, we’re seeing this phenomenon of tens of thousands of children being put on puberty blockers; being put on cross-sex hormones; receiving lifelong body-altering surgeries that you can’t ever undo.”

The feminist midwife later blasted the heavy-handed tactics by left-wing LGBT activists: “People are afraid to speak up, because on the left, anyone who speaks up against this is blacklisted; they lose their ability to be published; they lose their jobs at liberal activist organizations. We’ve all received death threats, rape threats, threats of violence. That’s how crazy it’s gotten on the left. People are terrified. We can’t get our voices out. The entire liberal press is locked down to any criticism of genderism.”

Singleton probably had Ben-Shalom in mind when she spoke of blacklisting. The activist, who sued the U.S. Army for discharging her after she publicly came out as a lesbian back in the 1970, was punished for Facebook posts she made against transgenderism in 2016. That year, the Milwaukee Pride Parade removed her as grand marshal for these social media posts.

Ben-Shalom, like Singleton, condemned the promotion of transgenderism among children: “You can’t vote until you’re 18. In some places, you cannot drink until you’re 21. You’re asking a 11-year-old to define himself or herself? That’s ridiculous!”

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