Report: Some Female Fox Employees Feel ‘Anguish’ and ‘Distress’ Over O’Reilly Not Being Rebuked


Bill O’Reilly has been accused of sexual harassment by women who’ve worked at Fox, but what do those women who are still at the network think?

Yes, we know what advertisers think, since over 50 of them have absconded and were notably absent during last night’s broadcast. Still, it was on last night, minimal ads or not. Surely, that has to be upsetting to some women within the network.

A new report indicates that it is.

Over on NPR, David Folkenflik says that women in the company are not happy with how the situation is being handled.

“There’s a lot of anguish, distress, and concern among employees at Fox News — particularly women — about the fact that Bill O’Reilly has been allowed to continue almost un-rebuked by his employers, seemingly,” said Folkenflik––the reporter who brought the alleged use of a “leg cam” by Fox News to the general public a few years ago with the release of his book Murdoch’s World

Folkenflik went on to talk about how it was 21st Century Fox’s Rupert Murdoch‘s promise to overhaul the culture at Fox that allowed Roger Ailes to allegedly sexually harass women hasn’t really come to fruition at all, as demonstrated by the “fresh attention” on O’Reilly from sources like the New York Times and others.

As a result, some women at Fox have “contempt” for O’Reilly and “cynicism” about the Murdoch family’s sincerity, according to Folkenflik.

Listen above, via NPR.

UPDATE — 3:46 p.m. EST:

This has been edited to clarify that The O’Reilly Factor did not run short due to lack of ads last night. Language in an earlier version was unclear.

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