Reuters Prematurely Publishes Obituary For Liberal Billionaire George Soros

(UPDATE BELOW) Reuters accidentally published an obituary today for billionaire liberal activist George Soros. News organizations generally have obituaries planned well in advance for public figures like Soros, and so the obit currently notes that Soros “dies at XX” and he “died XXX at age XXX.”

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Soros’ long career in philanthropy and politics is deftly summed up by the obituary, though the fact that Soros isn’t dead yet puts a damper on the whole thing just a bit. The timestamp reads that the post was accidentally uploaded to the site at 5:41 PM, and as of this posting it has not been taken down yet. That’s over half an hour of the obit staying on the website.

Here is the full obituary as it appeared on the Reuters website:

UPDATE: Roughly an hour after the original posting, Reuters posted the following apology online clarifying Soros is very much alive.

Reuters erroneously published an advance obituary of financier and philanthropist George Soros. A spokesman for Soros said that the New York-based financier is alive and well. Reuters regrets the error.

However, even following the publication of the apology, the obituary is still fully accessible on the website and has, of this update, not been taken down yet.

UPDATE 2: The post was finally pulled around 7:40 EST, two hours after it was originally posted.


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