No, Donald Trump Is Not Actually Secret Best Friends With George Soros

One of the lesser-known stories to emerge from the nitroglycerin-filled Tilt-a-Whirl that is the Trump campaign this week was an item in The Daily Beast alleging that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump “took money” from liberal billionaire/bogeyman George Soros, was otherwise “cozy” with the tycoon, and even once defended him right in front of a rally full of raging Tea Party Patriots.

Because this is Donald Trump, none of this seemed particularly unbelievable, but it did seem a little bit too conveniently hot-takey. One clue was the fact that the only audio we could find of Trump “defending” Soros came courtesy of rabid anti-Trump partisan Glenn Beck, who told his audience in 2011 that Trump was “facing questions” at a rally when someone yelled out Soros’ name. Here’s the moment Beck was talking about:

Oh, forget Soros, leave him alone, he’s got enough problems. She goes, ‘What about Soros!’ Let’s talk about somebody else.

As it turns out, though, Trump wasn’t actually taking questions from that audience, he was riffing on a string of favorite Obama conspiracy theories, at the crowd’s urging. HE starts out talking about the Tony Rezko “scandal,” and you can hear the crowd demanding “(Rev. Jeremiah) Wright and (Bill) Ayers,” the right-wing rally equivalent of shouting “Play Freebird!”:

Here’s where things get interesting, because everyone already knows Trump was (and is) a birther, but not everyone knows he’s so racist that he believes a white man wrote Obama’s first book because it was so damn good, Obama couldn’t possibly have written it:

The first book was written by Ernest Hemingway plus. The second book was written by a high school graduate. The difference was like chicken salad and chicken shit.

Maybe Trump had a different set of books in mind.

That’s when someone yelled out “Soros,” and Trump declined so he could continue to go at President Obama and his “mysterious” background.

Still, it’s a fun sound bite, telling the crowd to lay off Soros, but it wasn’t just that. The Daily Beast said Trump “took money” from Soros, when in reality, it was a Soros hedge fund that invested money in a Trump property. In that way, I’m quite certain Donald Trump has “taken money” from me at some point by virtue of some 401k I participated in. They also tried to connect the two billionaires because each was named separately in a lawsuit that was later dismissed. Finally, they were both once spotted at the same party.

There are many things you can say about Donald Trump, and if it were true, being “cozy” with George Soros might be one of the best of them. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

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