Richard Dreyfuss Goes Off on ‘Small-Dicked’ Donald Trump and Celebrity ‘Whores’ Who Support Him

trump penisA bigger boat isn’t all that Donald Trump needs, according to acclaimed Jaws actor Richard Dreyfuss, who went on an all-out Twitter rampage at Trump on Monday night. Dreyfuss, an odd political duck himself who attended the Conservative Political Action Conference to promote civics education in 2011, the same year Trump first showed up, Dreyfuss went off on Trump, whom he called a “small-dicked prick” and a “manifestly unqualified racist,” and his celebrity supporters, whom he called whores, in an epic Twitter rand Monday night. Excuse the misspellings:

It wasn’t all venom, though. Dreyfuss did manage a kind word for Trump’s ex-wife:

Donald Trump has yet to respond, but he’s been busy slamming “Mexican” judges.

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