RNC Unveils ‘Definitive’ Site to Understanding Clinton’s Email Scandal

ClintonDisqualified-1On Thursday the RNC launched, which the committee describes as the “definitive resource” for understanding the former secretary of state’s email scandal, which the site describes as an “egregious error in judgment that jeopardized the nation’s most sensitive intelligence.”

The launch date marked the one-year anniversary of the day Hillary Clinton broke her silence about the scandal surrounding her use of a private email server. The site features a timeline of other key dates, including turning points in the investigation and days when media outlets published pivotal reports; as well as a fact sheet, which unequivocally avers: “Clinton’s use of a secret server to conduct government business put national security in danger and calls into question her commitment to transparency”

One section entitled “Experts Weigh In” features quotations from seven defense, national security, and legal authorities, bolstering the site’s charge that Clinton is “disqualified.”

RNC Chair Reince Preibus issued a statement upon the site’s launch, saying:

Hillary Clinton and her campaign have attempted to distract, deceive, and confuse the American people about the truth, and this site breaks down the facts so voters understand the full scope of her reckless conduct. The truth is that on more than 2,000 occasions, Hillary Clinton sent or received classified information that ultimately put our national security and sensitive diplomatic efforts at risk.

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