The Mainstream Media Sure Seems Less Obsessed With Latest Clinton Email ‘Bombshell’


james-comey-fbiedited2016 will forever be the year of Hillary Clinton‘s emails, but it may not be remembered as the year of her exoneration. That’s pretty weird considering the FBI found insufficient evidence to prosecute her not once but twice. At the very end of October, the FBI made a vague announcement about how they were going to be checking out a device that may or may not have some big tie to said emails and yesterday, they announced that there was nothing new to report and gave her the all-clear.

So, why were there so many more mentions of the new look into the emails at the end of October than there were about, you know, the fact that it was a big old nothing burger?

This was flagged by Mediaite alum Tommy Christopher and deserves some serious attention.

Think about it: The original announcement that the FBI was looking into the emails again came on a Friday. The coverage lasted all of that afternoon, through the weekend, and well into the next week. Yesterday’s announcement had fizzled out by the evening, if we are to believe it was ever really on fire at all.

Seriously, we should all be asking ourselves why Lady Gaga was tweeting about the announcement while the mainstream media outlets failed to mention it even half as many times as they mentioned the FBI’s renewed interest in the emails a few days ago.

When FBI director James Comey dropped that original announcement on October 28, people on the left and down the middle were freaking out over the idea that he was colluding with the Donald Trump campaign and maybe even violating the Hatch Act.

What people should really be questioning is whether the media is complicit in that possible attempt to influence the election. Trump has claimed for months that the media is biased and the system is rigged. What if he’s right — just now how he intended to be?

Is the media intentionally being blasé about the latest FBI news because they are subconsciously trying to prove Trump’s claims that they’re in Clinton’s pocket wrong? Are they trying to counter those claims by moving way too far to the other side of the bias spectrum? Is their seeming disinterest in reporting on this issue going to affect Clinton at the polls tomorrow?

There are more questions than answers but we will know at least a little bit more in just a little over 24 hours.

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This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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