Tapper Grills Clinton on Whether She Can Put National Security Ahead of Personal Convenience

ClintonShrugCNN’s Jake Tapper pressed Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton Tuesday afternoon on what steps she was taking to convince the American public of her trustworthiness.

The call-in interview occurred following the release of a report from the State Department Inspector General last week investigating her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

Tapper quoted a USA Today editorial published Tuesday, which said Clinton’s use of a personal email account posed “a threat to national security, one that she repeatedly ignored despite multiple warnings..”

Tapper asked Clinton if she considered it a challenge to demonstrate to voters that she could put national security above her own short-term self-interest.

“Well I think that is obvious. I always have,” Clinton said haltingly. “And the report — just to go back to the actual report — makes it clear that personal email use was the practice under other Secretaries of State and that the rules that they are now referencing were not clarified until after I had left.

“But look, I’ve said many times, it was still a mistake,” she continued. “And if I could go back, I would do it differently. And I understand people may have concerns about this. But I hope voters will get the full picture of everything I’ve done in my career and the full threat posed by a DT presidency. And if they do, I have faith in the American people that they will make the right choice here.”

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