Roger Ebert: Online Short Snow Film Merits Oscar – You Be The Judge

Famed film critic Roger Ebert just saw a YouTube video that he not only gives two thumbs way up, but also thinks is deserving of an Academy Award for best short film. New York City filmmaker Jamie Stuart shot his film, called both “Idiot with a Tripod” and “Man in a Blizzard,” during the recent snowpocalypse in New York, quickly edited it, and send it to Ebert.

Ebert’s excited praise from his blog:

This film deserves to win the Academy Award for best live-action short subject. (1) Because of its wonderful quality. (2) Because of its role as homage. It is directly inspired by Dziga Vertov’s 1929 silent classic ‘Man With a Movie Camera.’ (3) Because it represents an almost unbelievable technical proficiency.

Although the film is undisputedly visually impressive, it’s a bit too boring for my taste, but what do I know? Movie fans get your popcorn ready and watch the video below to see if you agree with Ebert.

Watch the film below from Roger Ebert‘s Youtube page:

(h/t On The Red Carpet)

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