‘Rope. Tree. Journalist.’: Trump Supporter Wears Shirt Promoting Lynching Reporters


At a Minnesota rally for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump today, Reuters Politics photographed one Trump supporter wearing a pretty provocative T-shirt.

This plays into some of the real estate mogul’s rhetoric over the campaign in which he’s targeted the media as part of the “rigged” system. Recently, the anti-media attitude has spread among his supporters, with rally attendees berating and attacking members of the press, who are typically confined to a media pen at rallies.

Last week, NBC News’ Katy Tur was singled out by the GOP candidate during one of his speeches, where he noted that she wouldn’t be reporting on the crowd size. Tur, who had been the target of Trump’s abuses in the past, was soon harassed by those in attendance. This led to folks on Twitter starting an #ImWithTur hashtag to show support for the reporter.

Outside of the Tur incident, we’ve seen one guy yell “Jew-S-A” at reporters and a CNN producer was harassed while trying to get footage of the incident at last night’s Reno rally. Speaking of CNN, Jim Acosta documented some of the abuse hurled at him during a rally last month, with Trump voters yelling that he looks like a woman, among other things.

Regarding this latest shirt, there were a number of strong reactions on Twitter after it showed up this evening.

UPDATE 11:38 AM ET: It appears the t-shirt is either sold out or has been pulled by the retailer.

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