Rush Limbaugh Connects The Dots: Free Diapers For The Poor Equals Baby Indoctrination!

Where some people see an attempt to help impoverished families, Rush Limbaugh sees the truth; a calculated attempt by evil Liberals to corrupt our nation’s youth. You see, Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D.-Conn.) is promoting a bill that will trick Americans into sending their babies to horrible brainwashing clinics day care centers by luring them in with free diapers, thus hitting families where they’re most vulnerable, their babies’ butts!

Reading from an article from Human Events, Limbaugh was in shock to learn of DeLauro’s sinister Diaper Investment and Aid to Promote Economic Recovery Act AKA “The DIAPER ACT” (are you allowed to use your acronym as the first word of your acronym?). The Act will provide free diapers to families that can’t provide them so that their children will be allowed to attend day care. However, Limbaugh pointed out that the bill doesn’t apply to parents who aren’t sending their kids to day care, meaning the kids would be forced to go to these Liberal Indoctrination Camps!

Good thing we have Rush Limbaugh to protect us from evil plots like this.

Although, to be honest, he probably just talked about it because it gave him an excuse to make lots and lots (and lots) of poop jokes.

Listen to his comments below:


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