Rush Limbaugh: Obama Is Leading ‘War On Traditional Marriage’


Rush Limbaugh weighed in on President Obama‘s support of gay marriage on Wednesday, characterizing it as a “war on traditional marriage,” similar to the “wars” on stay-at-home working mothers and the Catholic Church. Addressing a caller who said Limbaugh and those who agree with him are “losing,” Limbaugh said, “At the ballot box, you’re never gonna win this.”

The caller, Jerry, said those who oppose Obama’s stance are on the losing side of the battle. Limbaugh said that not very long ago, marriage meant one man and one woman, “like two plus two equals four.” And then “some people came along” who weren’t happy with that, and now those like Limbaugh have to defend traditional institutions.

“We’ve arrived at the point where the president of the United States is going to lead a war on traditional marriage,” Limbaugh said. “You want to call that winning?” He said he could see why someone would say that since, 10 years ago, nobody thought about the issue, “until you guys decided you were unhappy and wanted to make everybody conform to the way you look at things — even if it meant bastardizing the definition of words.”

He asked, is it going to be like the war on stay-at-home working mothers? On the Catholic Church? “Obama and people like you are trying to turn traditional institutions on their head,” he said — later adding, “At the ballot box, you’re never gonna win this.”

Why, he asked, would the president make this announcement the day after a “stinging” defeat in North Carolina? — “Why would you essentially flip flop on gay marriage?”

Limbaugh concluded, “Marriage is word. It has a specific meaning.” Supporters of gay marriage, he said, want to “corrupt” the meaning. “Words mean things,” he said, “or they used to.”

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