Rush Limbaugh: Romney Has Not ‘Lived Like A King’ On Other People’s Money, Like Obama


Recently, Rush Limbaugh was one of the loudest voices criticizing the GOP candidates for attacking Mitt Romney’s “evil rich man” status. With Romney telling the Wall Street Journal that he expects those attacks to continue thanks to news of his possible 15% tax rate, Limbaugh decided to take it upon himself in giving Romney a way to respond. He argued that Romney should counter that he would actually be losing money as president whereas President Obama used the presidency as “a path to becoming a millionaire.”

“Let me tell you what Romney doesn’t do. Romney has not played over 90 rounds of golf in three years while everybody is suffering. Romney has not flown all over the world on the federal government’s dime. Romney has not had lavish parties and concerts on the public’s dime. Romney has not lived like a king on other people’s money. He has sent his wife on government jets four hours ahead of him to the same destination. Romney is not responsible, nor is any other Republican, for the 16% unemployment, real unemployment in this country. Romney is not responsible for increased fuel and food costs. He’s not responsible for any of this. That would be Obama, who pretends to care about the middle class but lives like a king at the public trough.

… Every one of [the GOP candidates] is a decent person. Every one of them is an average American in their own ways. Obama is not, his wife is not.”

By the end of Limbaugh’s epic rant, he’d impressed even himself, telling listeners that “iIf somebody said something like this in a debate, the standing o’ would never end.”

Listen to the audio below:

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