Russell Brand On The Reasons Behind Sarah Palin’s Broad Appeal: ‘People Want To F**k Her’

British comedian and actor Russell Brand has never been especially conventional or predictable. Nor has he ever shied away from controversy – in fact, he often courts it. Such is the case with Brand’s latest remark in which he attempts to get to the bottom of why former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is so popular among her fan base. Brand’s analysis? “People want to f**k her.”

Bran says that Palin’s sex appeal is why she is so beloved by her supporters. “That’s why they tolerate the other stuff, said Brand without elaborating on what that “stuff” is.

Brand made those comments as he attended a panel at the Television Critics Association on Saturday. He attended the panel discussion shoeless, according to The Wrap:

The lack of shoes only helped the image. And that’s the conundrum of Russell Brand: Is he a delightfully weird anti-authority figure who somehow wandered into television and films, or someone who got there through brilliant packaging as an anti-authority figure?

“The real question is, why you are all wearing shoes,” Brand asked quixotically. What an fascinating iconoclast.

h/t The Wrap

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