Russell Simmons: Romney, Ryan Will ‘Destroy Our People,’ ‘Laugh All The Way To The Bank’

Hip hop mogul Russell Simmons weighed in on the presidential race yesterday, penning a piece about how Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are the two men “who will destroy our people and laugh all the way to the bank.”

In picking Ryan, Simmons wrote in a blog post on the Global Grind, Romney made his campaign message clear: “EVERYTHING’S FOR SALE! And all of the money that is made on everything that is sold will be made on the backs of the poor and the working class.”

Picturing a Romney/Ryan administration, Simmons wrote that it would be one in which you get what you can pay for. And in their case, that’s everything. “I have a feeling that one of my rich friends will just buy the government and paint the White House green and make Mitt sleep in the basement,” he wrote.

Citing his support for the Occupy movement, Simmons said the Ryan pick should be a “wake up call.”

“I will ring the alarm as loud as Beyonce ever could and will fight to stop the literal destruction of poor people in this country,” he said. “[Romney and Ryan] are two men who will destroy our people and laugh all the way to the bank with your rich friends. I pray this will never happen.”

Read the full post on Global Grind.

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