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Sally Yates: Trump Attacks on DOJ Violate ‘Bedrock Principle of Our Democracy’

Sally Yates. Remember her?

After being fired by Donald Trump as Acting Attorney General, the former prosecutor seems to have found her new calling, as a liberal Twitter hero.

After announcing her entry to the social network on June 23 with a post was retweeted 43,000 times (not too shabby for a first effort) Yates has tweeted sparingly. In fact, she issued her third tweet ever on Wednesday. In it, she decried Donald Trump’s attack on the Department of Justice during a recent New York Times interview and accused the president of undermining a “bedrock principle of our democracy”

Like her previously pronouncements, the tweet went instantly viral racking up thousands of retweets in just two hours. In her previous tweets she has plugged her own work and hit Trump over Russian meddling.

Take a look.

The Trump NYT interview which Yates was alluding to, was a tour-de-force of bombshells. Over almost an hour of freestyling, Trump blasted his Attorney General Jeff Sessions, slamming his decision to recuse himself from the Russia probe. In addition Trump issued a pointed warning to Rob Mueller and offered his thoughts recent European military history.

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