Sanders: Trump Rhetoric is ‘Old-Fashioned Racism,’ ‘Xenophobia’


Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders railed into Republican rival Donald Trump at a Las Vegas rally Sunday, telling a crowd of about 2,500 people that Trump’s comments on Mexican immigrants amount to “xenophobia.”

“For Donald Trump, or anyone else in this country: to refer to people from Mexico as rapists and criminals — that is not an American value, that is old-fashioned racism and we will not tolerate it,” Sanders said. “It is not an American value to talk about rounding up millions of people and simply say that we are going to throw them out of the country. That is xenophobia.”

“We have 11 million undocumented people in the country,” Sanders continued, adding that “ninety-nine percent” are in America to find respite from poverty and violence. “These undocumented workers play an extraordinary important role in our economy. Without these workers it is likely our entire agriculture system would collapse,” he noted.

Sanders also called for “the beginning of the dismantling of an excessively wasteful 18 billion dollar deportation regime,” adding that his vision is for an “economy that works for all of us.”

“These guys on Wall Street have more wealth and power that you can possibly imagine. But there is something that we have that they don’t have: the people,” Sanders said. “When we stand together and we don’t allow them to divide us by whether we were born in America or somewhere else, whether we are black or white, gay or straight, man or women, when we don’t allow them to do that we can accomplish anything.”

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