Scarborough Muses If Trump Should Call Giuliani ‘Crooked Rudy’ Because of His Paid Speeches


In one of the more bizarre twists of political irony to hit the 2016 election season, it is now former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani — one of the most vocal critics of Hillary Clinton — who is now facing potential trouble regarding his own history with paid speeches.

Giuliani met with President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday in Bedminster, New Jersey where the soon-to-be-45th President held a dizzying array of meetings with guests all weekend long in the hopes of filing crucial cabinet positions. Giuliani has been long rumored to be a choice for Attorney General or Secretary of State, but as Joe Scarborough pointed out on Monday’s Morning Joe, any confirmation hearing involving Giuliani would simply be a “bloodbath.”

“Is Donald Trump going to call Rudy Giuliani ‘Crooked Rudy’ now?” he said jokingly, referencing the frequently-cited moniker that the Trump campaign used to paint Hillary Clinton with during the election.

Giuliani’s own business career has brought in $16 million for the former Gotham Mayor after giving lucrative speeches and doing consulting work in 2006 alone, according to the New York Times. Giuliani delivered 108 speeches that year in total in eleven different countries, including speeches to an Iranian-opposition group known as the MEK that was considered a terror group until — wait for it — Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State. What a world.

“I think you oughta call him ‘Rudy Out Front,’ added Mika Brzezinski Monday. “…because he’s always out in front of the President-elect, he’s always out in front embarrassing him, always out in front talking about everything he’s bee offered.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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