The NRA and Dan Bongino Have No Idea How to Make Lemonade


Dan Bongino, the random retired NYPD officer turned podcaster who frequently appears on Fox & Friends to lend his expertise, has officially joined NRATV.

The media arm of the National Rifle Association, known for producing short videos that very often go viral thanks to how fucking terrifying they are, has apparently added Bongino to its talent roster, which includes the always ominous Dana Loesch.

In a short clip promoting the NRA’s big get, Bongino is seen wearing a t-shirt that says “Socialist Tears.” The former cop then begins to confidently put whole, unpeeled lemons into a blender, before starting the machine up with a whir.

“What in God’s name is this nutcase doing,” you may be asking yourself.

Well, according to the NRA, he’s making lemonade.

“When they give you lemons,” a text on the ad reads, “We give you the truth.”

As the camera flashes back to Bongino, he pours out the contents of the blender, which is now inexplicably filled with lemonade, before drinking the concoction.

It looks like Bongino can add “making lemonade” to the growing list of subjects he knows nothing about but can still be invited on Fox & Friends to opine on. As for the NRA’s production team, it’s unclear who approved this ad, and whether they have ever made lemonade.

The NRA did not respond to requests for comment. We will update this post should they decide to explain themselves.

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