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Martha Raddatz Confronts Roy Moore’s Strategist: ‘Are You Calling Leigh Corfman a Liar?’

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Called Kim Jong Un ‘Short and Fat’ Because He Was Insulted First

Kellyanne Conway on Roy Moore: Trump’s ‘Not Being Briefed On This Bit By Bit’

Roland Martin Rips Jeff Flake: ‘Not Giving Anybody Props For Giving a Speech and Then Cutting and Running’

Dem Congressman Dings Trump: Shouldn’t ‘Get Into a Twitter Shouting Match’ With Kim Jong-un

Jerry Falwell Jr. Defends Trump’s ‘Both Sides’ Remarks: ‘He Has Inside Information’

Conway on Whether Military Leaders Signed Off on Trump’s Transgender Ban: ‘I Can’t Answer That’

Conway Pivots to Benghazi, Obamacare When Confronted on Trump’s Misleading Statements

Jon Karl: Gen. Kelly Comes In as ‘Much More Powerful Chief of Staff Than Reince Priebus Ever Was’

Huckabee Sanders: Trump Supports Sanctions Bill, Wants to Be ‘Tough’ on Russia

Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow: ‘The Issue of Pardons Is Not on the Table’

Kellyanne Conway: Senate Health Care Bill Does Not Contain Medicaid Cuts

Nikki Haley Calls Trump America’s ‘CEO’: ‘He Can Hire and Fire Whoever He Wants’

‘It’s Something That We’ve Looked At’: Priebus Says White House Considering Libel Law Changes

Ann Coulter: ‘Why Isn’t it Hate Speech to Keep Telling Me How Hispanics Are Going to Vote?’

‘Nobody Has a Sense of Humor Anymore’: Sessions Defends Calling Hawaii an ‘Island in the Pacific’

Jeff Sessions on Mexican Border Wall: ‘We’re Going to Get It Paid for, One Way or the Other’

‘Even the Setup For This Segment’ Is Unfair: Newsmax CEO Disses Media on This Week

Matthew Dowd Says Russia Story Will Put Trump’s Agenda ‘On Hold At Best’

DNC Chair Tom Perez: ‘Our Democratic Unity is Donald Trump’s Worst Nightmare’

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