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ABC’s This Week: Democrats Will Put Trump Under ‘Intense Microscope’ and ‘Launch Investigations’ if They Win

Chris Christie and NYT’s Michelle Goldberg Clash Over Op-Ed: ‘You Have No Respect for the President!’

John Bolton Suggests Brennan Probably Used Classified Info to Bash Trump

Kellyanne Conway Squirms When ABC News’ Karl Asks Who is Highest Level African-American in White House

Rep. Adam Schiff: Trump Acts ‘Like Someone who is Compromised’ by Putin

Dan Abrams and Alan Dershowitz Clash Over Whether Enquirer Faces Legal Danger For Squashing Trump Affair Story

Steve Bannon: Donald Trump Doesn’t Lie, and Never Has ‘To My Knowledge’

Lindsey Graham: I’m Not Sure McCain is Right About Where America Stands on Globalism and Trade

Chris Christie: If President Trump Were to Pardon Himself, He’d Be Impeached

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Suggests Abortion Led to Santa Fe Shooting

Michael Avenatti Gleefully Mocks Giuliani’s ABC Interview: ‘I Can’t Believe That Actually Just Happened’

Sarah Sanders Touts Rasmussen Poll Numbers To Prove That Trump Is More Credible Than Comey

Chris Christie Says EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Needs to Go: ‘I Don’t Know How You Survive This’

Dan Abrams: Summer Zervos Lawsuit Against Trump Is ‘The One He Should Be Worried About’

Dan Abrams on Rick Gates Cooperating With Mueller: They Don’t Need Him to ‘Prove the Manafort Case’

David Hogg Dings NRA’s Dana Loesch: ‘Everything She’s Saying Seems Like Spectacle’

Dan Abrams Dukes It Out With Ken Starr Over Trump Ordering Robert Mueller’s Firing

Lindsey Graham: ‘Don’t Need $25 Billion For a Wall…We’re Not Going to Build a 1,900-Mile Wall’

Rich Lowry: Trump Actually Said ‘Sh*thouse’ Instead of ‘Sh*thole,’ Rest of Reporting Accurate

Jeff Flake: Meeting Attendees Told Me Trump Said ‘Sh*thole’ Before ‘Those Words Went Public’

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