Barbara Walters

FLASHBACK: Bette Midler Once Accused Geraldo Rivera of Groping

For Megyn Kelly, Upcoming Special Really Serves As Most Important Job Interview She’ll Ever Have

Barbara Walters Was a Playboy Bunny? Take a Look At This Old Footage!

23 Media Personalities and Their Star Wars Doppelgangers

Trump Admits to Walters: If I Don’t Get Nomination, ‘I’d Call Myself a Loser’

Timeless Walters Active in Semi-Retirement; Calls Bradley Cooper ‘Screwable’ in Interview

Barbara Walters Asks Trump If He’s a Bigot as He Invokes 9/11 to Defend Muslim Ban

Barbara Walters to David Koch: If You’re a ‘Social Liberal,’ Why Do You Fund Conservative Candidates?

Concha: Familiarity Breeds Apathy as New View Cast Ratings Plummet

Nicolle Wallace So Far a Snooze on The View

Rosie O’Donnell Finds a Republican She Actually Likes in Return to The View

Concha: How Janay Rice Avoided Headache of Tearful Sit-Down Interviews

Barbara Walters Pens Blunt Joan Rivers Eulogy: ‘A Few Things Are Important to Know’

Joy Behar: The View Moving Away from ‘Goody-Goody,’ ‘Fluffy’

UCSB Shooter’s Dad: ‘A Part of Me’ Wishes Son Was Never Born

Fantasy Programming: Here’s What The New View Cast Should Look Like

Elliot Rodger’s Dad Opens Up to Barbara Walters: I’m Living ‘Reverse Nightmare’

Barbara Walters Believes She Could’ve Been ‘Mrs. Clint Eastwood’

Barbara Walters Emerges from Retirement to Interview UCSB Shooter’s Father

Ex-ABC Anchor Slams Network for Excluding Her from Barbara Walters Sendoff

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