Sean Spicer Blasts CNN’s Jim Acosta: He’s ‘Hurting the Profession’

We’ve posted extensively about the repeated critiques of President Donald Trump and the White House by CNN’s Jim Acosta. Now, the man he’s squared off against in the briefing room on numerous occasions is saying that Acosta has gone over the line.

In a Washington Post feature on Acosta, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer accused CNN’s chief White House correspondent of being both deceitful and fame-hungry.

“If Jim Acosta reported on Jim Acosta the way he reports on us, he’d say he hasn’t been very honest,” Spicer said. ‘I think he’s gone well beyond the role of reporter and steered into the role of advocate. He’s the prime example of a [reporter in a] competitive, YouTube, click-driven industry,”

Spicer tried to divide the White House press corps, calling on the others to put pressure on Acosta to “knock it off.”

“He’s recognized that if you make a spectacle on the air then you’ll get more airtime and more clicks. . . . If I were a mainstream, veteran reporter, I’d be advocating for him to knock it off. It’s hurting the profession.”

Acosta, in the same feature, defended his work.

“I think I’m just covering a story, honestly,” Acosta said. “When the president of the United States calls the press ‘fake news’ and ‘the enemy of the American people,’ I think that’s when you have to get tough and ask the hard questions.”

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