Seth Meyers Congratulates Donald Trump on Winning the Election ‘Fair and Red Square’


As part of his fan-favorite “Closer Look” segment, Late Night host Seth Meyers took on the insanity that is unfolding in North Carolina and the bizarre power grab between the outgoing and incoming state Governors.

Republican Gov. Pat McCrory has largely stripped himself of power in anticipation of being replaced soon by a Democrat, Roy Cooper. The GOP-controlled statehouse passed key legislation that limits the sitting Governor’s actions, meaning Cooper will assume office with just a fraction of the powers of his Republican predecessor.

Although Meyers had his fun with the absurdity of the North Carolina gubernatorial problems, he opened the segment with a quip about his nemesis Donald Trump. Meyers famously took the hardest anti-Trump stance last year out of anybody in the late night arena, eschewing any possibility of having the GOP candidate appear on Late Night while devoting nightly segments aimed at derailing the Trump Train.

Clearly, Meyers’ best efforts didn’t work, as Trump officially won the Presidency Monday with the electoral college vote. So on Monday night’s Late Night, Meyers congratulated Trump on his victory. “The electoral college voted today and confirmed that Donald Trump will be our next President, and good for him,” said Meyers. “The voters spoke, and he won fair and Red Square.”

The over-the-shoulder graphic to accompany the joke of course revealed the public plaza in Moscow that is home to the Kremlin, as the late night fodder poking fun at Trump’s cozy relationship with Russia continues. Watch the segment above via Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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