Shooting Response Benefited From Theater’s Close Proximity To Police Dept.

In the immediate minutes following this morning’s shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., one aspect of the situation aided the quick response: the theater’s location. Century 16 Movie Theater in Aurora is located very close to the local police headquarters.

The theater is located in area sprinkled with shopping centers and restaurants. Locally, it’s known as one of the cheapest places to see movies. Several parks and a golf course nearby, an elementary school less than five miles away. It’s also in very close proximity to the city’s municipal complex (library, court, etc.) and the local police headquarters. That allowed them to arrive at the scene promptly, after learning what had happened — and also rush some of the victims to the hospital in police cars.

Per the Denver Post:

Victims have been transported to at least six hospitals. Several of them were rushed to hospitals in police cars. Ages of people injured and killed in the shooting vary.

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