Smerconish Takes on Colbert and the Left: Only Beneficiary of ‘Liberal Intolerance’ is Trump


This week, one of the main sources of outrage for many in the media and across the political spectrum has been Stephen Colbert’s profane, anti-Trump tirade during a broadcast of The Late Show. Not only were conservatives and Trump supporters offended by Colbert’s jokes, but many on the left criticized the late-night host for being homophobic when he said the president’s mouth was “Vladimir Putin’s c*ck-holster.”

In a monologue this morning, CNN’s Michael Smerconish took aim at not only Colbert, but progressives in general, for overplaying their hand in opposing Trump by going low.

Explaining that Colbert’s jokes were more suitable for Real Time with Bill Maher than CBS, the “so-called Tiffany Network,” the CNN host said this amounted to “foolish politics.” Bringing up how the right lost credibility by letting their discomfort with President Obama devolve into birtherism, Smerconish warned the left their own “intolerance” could also be catching up with them.

After highlighting examples of progressives going over the top with their opposition to conservatives and their ideas in recent weeks, the commentator noted that the only person who really looks to benfit from all of this is Trump himself.

“The left it is understandably fired up but there’s only one beneficiary in a climate of liberal intolerance and that’s Donald Trump,” he exclaimed. “He’s helped when he is no longer the bad behaving outlier but the norm in a political atmosphere run amok.”

watch the clip above, via CNN.

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