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Sorry, CNN: 2014 Was Safest Year on Record for Flying

Judging from the 912485316129347 stories about airplane disasters this year, you’d think that 2014 was a terrible year for aviation and that you should never fly again, because according to CNN, the sky is awful. But no! The sky is kind and loving! In fact, according to the Aviation Safety Network, this was the safest year ever for flying on a commercial plane!

The ASN, which has been tracking aviation accidents and safety incidents since 1942, found that there were only 20 fatal airliner accidents in 2014, and that number includes the three high-profile plane disasters that dominated the news cycle this year: the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, the Malaysian Airlines flight shot down over Eastern Ukraine, and the recent disappearance of an AirAsian passenger jet. According to their database, which tracks “commercial flights with 14+ passengers” according to the Washington Post, this is the lowest number in the database’s history.

In addition, while the number of casualties from aviation disasters was high this year (1,007 deaths so far), 699 of those deaths were from the victims of the AirAsia and Malaysian Airlines flights, which were, again, complete anomalies. Otherwise, as the Post notes, there’s a consistent downward trend in the number of airline disasters and deaths.

But if we’re talking about record-breaking ratings for cable news coverage of aviation disasters, then congratulations, CNN, you did it!

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