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Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz Addresses Rumors: I Don’t Want to be President

PicMonkey Collage - SchultzMaureen Dowd started a rumor earlier this week when she wrote a New York Times column about how Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz could be a 2016 presidential contender. In response, Schultz submitted his own op-ed to The Times, saying that he has neither the temperament nor the interest to be president.

Schultz has made his stances on certain issues clear in the past, having made campaign donations and public political stances that have suggested him to be a liberal. However, despite insistence from friends and colleagues, he wrote that he is “not done serving at Starbucks.”

While he did not express interest in the Oval Office, Schultz did take the opportunity to give some of his thoughts about what the election would mean for the country. Schultz bemoaned how the political status-quo constantly places politicians in a gridlock that inevitably prevents them getting things done:

Regardless of who wins the presidency, the odds of the same party controlling a filibuster-proof Senate are slim. If we want to turn the nation around, we have to act differently. Save for the most rabid partisans, most people don’t want one-party rule.

Schultz also wrote of his hopes for the emergence of “servant leadership,” expressing hope that America’s next president will be able to work with both parties in Congress.

“Everyone seeking the presidency professes great love for our nation,” Schultz said. “But I ask myself, how can you be a genuine public servant if you belittle your fellow citizens and freeze out people who hold differing views?”

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