Stephanie Ruhle Says Investors Reacted to Dow Dip ‘Like They Were Wearing a Barbed Wire Thong’


After yesterday’s historic Dow Jones plunge, pundits were zeroed in on the stock market this morning, expecting the index to push even further down. As of this writing, the Dow has mostly held steady — though it has not been without some extreme volatility.

Volatility isn’t necessarily a bad thing and, according to economists, it’s just a natural part of the way the Dow works. These past couple of years, however, has seen the index on a strict uphill climb. And you know that old saying — what goes up must come down.

MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle was explaining the inherent nature of the market this morning, lambasting investors who assumed it would just keep climbing forever, when she let loose an absolutely jarring metaphor.

“Suddenly when volatility ticks back into the market, those guys who were short volatility took it like they were wearing a barbed wire thong,” prompting co-host Ali Velshi to shout “Ouch!”

Ruhle doubled down on her painful analogy.

“Well that’s exactly what it is,” she said. “Those guys got absolutely liquidated. They got smoked. It was like a derivative on top of a derivative.”

Velshi concluded the segment by saying “I’m just gonna leave it there. We can let that barbed wire thong thing sink in.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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