Stephen Colbert Found the One African American Thrilled About a Trump Presidency


Back when Stephen Colbert anchored The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, SNL great Tim Meadows would appear from time-to-time for a recurring bit as P.K. Winsome, a salesman touting some new fancy product to the Colbert crowd. For the first time since Colbert took over the Ed Sullivan Theater and the desk at The Late Show, Meadows made his big return Wednesday night, now identifying firmly as an eager black Republican and going by a slightly different character name: P.K. Winthrop (Winsome, after all, is Viacom IP no doubt.)

“Let me tell you — this black person has never had it better,” he told Colbert firmly in the bit. “Scarcity determines value. As one of the few black Trump supporters, I am solid gold!”

Winsome, ever the consummate salesman, lamented the end of the Obama Presidency and all of the lucrative marketing opportunities it gave him over the years, like the bottle of Obama You Lie mouth wash and Obama Is a Kenyan Black Rhino Steaks. But as a proud member of the GOP now, Winsome is looking forward to what’s to come under President Donald Trump.

The product — “Trump staches” — allows for tiny (very familiar) looking mustaches to be placed over photos of Trump. “And he becomes Hitler?” clarifies Colbert.

“No Stephen,” insists Meadows as Winthrop. “He becomes a powerful leader who knows how to rally the people with powerful oratory skills. You know what I mean… like Charlie Chaplin!”

Watch the above bit from The Late Show.

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