Strange Bedfellows? Brian Stelter Agrees With Sean Hannity on #FireColbert


During a CNN New Day panel on Stephen Colbert‘s controversial joke about President Donald Trump, Brian Stelter reached a highly-unusual consensus with a certain media personality: Fox’s Sean Hannity.

Stelter started things off on the panel by saying Colbert tried to have things both ways with his comments last night, and it was surprising that Colbert’s “crude” joke made it out of the writer’s room. Bill Carter agreed that Colbert’s joke was “vulgar,” but he doubted it would have much impact since it didn’t substantially effect the Late Show host’s relationship with his fans and critics.

After a brief discussion about whether Colbert broke any FCC rules, Chris Cuomo brought up how the original segment was a reaction to how Trump treated John Dickerson in his recent Face the Nation interview. Stelter noted that Trump has forced political and media figures into “unusual times” where there’s no precise standard for how to cover the presidency.

Stelter eventually came out and said he agreed with what Hannity said yesterday about #FireColbert.

“I’m with Sean Hannity on this,” said Stelter. “He said I don’t support a boycott. That is what the left is trying to do to people like Ann Coulter. Let’s not shutdown anybody’s right to speak.”

Stelter’s agreement with Hannity might be seen as something of a surprise, considering how often the two have fought each other on Twitter in the last several months.

Watch above, via CNN.

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